LNG-powered Greenstream Tanker Wins KNVTS Ship of the Year

Wednesday November 6, 2013

Alewijnse Marine Systems says the first of two Greenstream tankers, the first commercial inland vessel to use liquefied natural gas (LNG)-electrical propulsion, won the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award at the recent Maritime Awards Gala.

The vessel was built by Peters Shipyards of Kampen, Netherlands, and Alewijnse supplied the electrical installation, including controls for the LNG-fuelled generators.

Alewijnse said this is the fifth time in a row it has been a partner to an award winner at the event.

"We are delighted that the awards committee recognised the capabilities of the Greenstream and her state-of-the-art systems," said Jan Oud, managing director of Alewijnse Noord.

"This was very much unexplored territory for all those in the development partnership, but the challenges were overcome.

"The result is proof that LNG-electric inland vessels have a bright future ahead with their ability to meet the low emissions targets prevalent on inland waterways."

Energy major Shell charters the vessel, which was delivered in March, along with a sister ship delivered over the summer, and both are operated by Interstream Barging on the Rhine.

When it launched the first vessel in March, Shell said it was part of the company's efforts to grow the use of LNG for inland barges, tugs, ferries, and cruise ships in Europe.