US-listed Fuel Cell Firm Claims Cruise Ship Success

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday March 8, 2023

A fuel cell supplier has claimed a success for the deployment of its fuels cell on a luxury cruise ship.

US-listed Bloom Energy's 150 kW solid oxide fuel cell platform delivered auxiliary power to the Mediterranean Shipping Company ship, World Europa, the company has said.

The fuel cells used liquefied natural gas while the ship was docked in Qatar late last year.

"The Bloom Energy Server demonstrated 60% electrical efficiency while the ship was in port, a significant improvement over existing high-efficiency power systems, as well as a reduction of carbon emissions by 30% with no methane slippage," according to the company.

"The fuel cells also achieved full power output during the vessel's maiden voyage between Saint-Nazaire and Qatar while in the Mediterranean Sea."

The company added that it is working towards a design for fuel cell-based power delivery architecture to operate in engine parallel mode, while the ship is sailing, and to move hotel loads to fuel cells when the ship is docked.