Peart Group to Launch New App for Bunker Buyers and Suppliers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday January 30, 2024

A new cross-platform app aimed at bunker buyers and suppliers will be launched in February by the Peart Group.

Known as ‘Bridge’, the group says its new app will allow marine fuels buyers and suppliers to “connect, chat and fix their bunkers simply and securely.”

Peart Group’s current interests include its UK-headquarterred marine fuels’ business, Propellor Fuels.

“We have listened to owners, fuel buyers and suppliers, and of course we are all these things ourselves. It is clear how critical digitalisation has become in all sectors in recent years,” Roger Peart, Chairman of the Peart Group and co-founder of Bridge, said in a statement released to Ship & Bunker.

“In the context of bunker fuel enquiries and nominations, digitalisation ensures the strengthening of accuracy and transparency in the bunkering process.  This is at the core of Bridge’s design. One only has to see the arguments raging in the UK Government to observe the risks posed by allowing the use of what are essentially social applications (such as WhatsApp) to conduct business.”

In contrast, Peart says Bridge is “a business chat-based App and is available on all devices with fast registration, instant notifications and updates, and shows a buyer and suppliers’ live enquiries in one place.

“I believe that Bridge will become the go-to solution for the global marine fuels industry.”

The group plans to introduce Bridge to shipowners, bunker managers, and physical suppliers across major shipping and bunkering hub cities in the coming months.