11 Industry Stakeholders Launch NEMO, a New Industry Association for Maritime Nuclear Power

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 2, 2024

A global group of 11 industry stakeholders Monday announced the formation of the Nuclear Energy Maritime Organization (NEMO), a new industry association advocating for nuclear power in the maritime industry.

NEMOs inaugural chairman is Dr. Mamdouh el-Shanawany, former head of the IAEA Safety Assessment Section and Global Nuclear Director at Lloyd's Register.

"We are very excited to launch NEMO, which we believe will be a valuable and influential voice for floating nuclear power," they said.

"We invite all stakeholders who share our vision and values to join us and become part of this dynamic and forward-looking alliance."

Mikal Bøe, the CEO of CORE POWER, has been appointed as Vice-Chair.

"CORE POWER is at the vanguard of developing a market for maritime nuclear energy solutions, and we have identified regulatory issues that need to be resolved," Bøe said.

"We look forward to working through NEMO with like-minded members to facilitate the uptake of true zero-emissions technology in the maritime sector while upholding the highest safety, security, and environmental standards."

NEMO will be headquartered in London and will officially start its proceedings in 2Q 2024.

"By bringing together stakeholders with relevant expertise, NEMO aims to assist nuclear and maritime regulators in the development of appropriate standards and rules for the deployment, operation and decommissioning of floating nuclear power," NEMO said in a press release accompanying the launch.

"NEMO will provide expert guidance and promote the highest safety, security, and environmental standards in the development of this nascent industrial sector, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy among its members and stakeholders.

"Advanced nuclear technologies deployed at sea can reduce environmental impact, enhance social responsibility, and increase economic competitiveness. NEMO aims to provide a platform for its members to network and facilitate a functional connection between regulators to foster development and exchange best practices."

The formation of NEMO comes at a time of growing concensus over the need for nuclear power to play a role in the commercial maritime fleet's future energy mix.

Indeed, Jesper Soerensen, KPI OceanConnect's Global Head of Alternative Fuels & Carbon Markets, recently told Ship & Bunker that "there's a conversation to be had about nuclear, with a potential role for it both as ship propulsion and in the production of green or so-called 'pink' fuels."

NEMOs inaugural members are:

  • HD KSOE, a Korean shipbuilding company with R&D and engineering capabilities in the marine industry including ship design and construction, and a subsidiary of HD Hyundai.
  • Lloyd's Register., a UK-headquartered maritime classification society specialising in ship design, energy transition advisory, compliance, and consultancy services.
  • BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC, an American manufacturing and engineering company providing nuclear solutions for global security, clean energy, environmental restoration, nuclear medicine, and space exploration.
  • TerraPower, LLC., an American nuclear innovation company striving to improve the world through nuclear energy and science.
  • Onomichi Dockyard, a Japanese ship builder and ship repairer, founded in 1943 and still at the pinnacle of construction of marine assets to this day.
  • Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, an American nuclear reactor designer and vendor providing innovative new and conventional nuclear solutions and other clean power technologies and services globally.
  • CORE POWER (UK) Ltd., an Anglo-American maritime nuclear innovation company building a market for new nuclear in maritime and delivering marine- appropriate reactor plants for heavy industry and transport.
  • VARD Group AS, a pre-eminent global shipbuilder, ship designer and ship technology provider, delivering high-quality specialised vessels for the global market, part of Fincantieri S.p.A.
  • Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification services - and represented in NEMO by its Marine and Offshore Division, comprising classification and maritime consultancy services.
  • RINA, an inspection, certification, ship classification and engineering consultancy multinational active in the Energy, Marine, Certification, Infrastructure & Mobility, Real Estate and Industry sectors.
  • JEIL Partners Ltd., a Korean developer, consultant, and project manager with a history serving the nuclear supply chain in South Korea and overseas.