DNV Hires Senior Researcher in Maritime Nuclear Team

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday March 19, 2024

Classification society DNV has hired a senior researcher for its maritime nuclear team.

Ole Christen Reistad has joined the company as a senior researcher in Norway as of March 1, maritime programme director Tomas Tronstad said in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday.

Reistad is also an assistant associate professor at the University of Oslo, and had previously worked at the Institute for Energy Technology since 2011.

"Ole comes from the position as department head at IFE and was previously the manager of Norway's nuclear research reactor before it was terminated in 2019," Tronstad said in the post.

"Ole brings with him a wealth of knowledge, network and experience in the nuclear arena, and we are proud that he has chosen DNV as the place for bringing forward his competence.

"Ole will be looking more closely at the possibilities for using reactors on merchant ships, as well as the possibilities for reactors for power generation on ships. We have high expectations for this."

Shipping companies are showing an increasing amount of interest in nuclear propulsion as a means of decarbonisation. But the timescale for its development is likely to be much slower than for other technologies, with a host of regulatory hurdles to pass before it becomes a widely available option.