Fuel Supplier Dan-Bunkering Appoints New CEO After Three Years

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 4, 2021

Marine fuel supplier Dan-Bunkering has appointed a new CEO, more than three years after the last executive to hold the position left to join its parent company.

Claus Bulch Klausen has taken on the role of CEO as of May 1, the company said in an emailed statement on Tuesday. Klausen has worked for Dan-Bunkering since 2004, and previously served as its senior vice president. 

"I can't wait to continue working together with the leadership team and great colleagues at Dan-Bunkering in building and developing the important agenda for Dan-Bunkering's future focus areas in an industry that in recent years is under constant transformation," Klausen said in the statement.

Former CEO Christoffer Berg Lassen left Dan-Bunkering in March 2018 to move to parent company Bunker Holding, where he currently serves as its chief commercial officer.

A year ago a spokesman for Bunker Holding told Ship & Bunker the firm was not at that time looking for a replacement for Lassen.

"Since 2018 we have had a set-up where a leadership team within Dan-Bunkering handles the daily business in close cooperation with Bunker Holding's commercial management, and that set-up has proven to be very effective," the spokesman said last year.

Dan-Bunkering now lists its senior management as Klausen as CEO, Mikkel Soeholm Vestergaard and Morten Eggert Troen as senior vice presidents and Ulrik Silversparre Bodholt as chief financial officer.