Corvus to Expand R&D at its Vancouver Base

Wednesday July 11, 2018

International battery manufacturer Corvus Energy is to update its Vancouver base in addition to building a new, automated factory in the Norwegian port of Bergen.

The company said its current Vancouver base will be "expanded and upgraded to house a 200 megawatthour (MWh), semi-automated, battery production facility".

In addition, a research and development (R&D), design and engineering facility is to be developed at the plant with expansion completed by early next year.

The move is to prepare the company for the expected greater demand for battery power from the maritime sector.

"There is an electric revolution going on in the maritime sector," Corvus chief executive Geir Bjørkeli said.

"These strategic locations of our R&D and production facilities will enable us to quickly test and develop new systems.

"By switching from manual processing to automated production, we will increase production capacity and remain price-competitive," the executive added.

Battery power is a popular choice in the ferry sector.