Stena Line Ships to Add Shore Power Connections

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday April 21, 2022

Engineering company Yara Marine Technologies is set to equip four ferries operated by Stena Line with shore power connections.

The systems will be installed in the second half of this year, Yara said in an emailed statement on Thursday. The ferries taking on the technology are the Stena Scandica, the Stena Livia, the Stena Baltica and the Stena Flavia.

Ports around the world are increasingly fitting shore power systems to allow vessels calling there to power themselves while at berth without burning bunker fuel and releasing emissions.

"Emissions reduction is at the heart of our sustainable operations," Hans Corneliusson, fleet support manager at Stena Line, said in the statement.

"Connecting a single vessel to a green electrical grid when in port can reduce CO2 emissions by over 5,000 tonnes per year – and this effect is multiplied across our fleet.

"We firmly believe that the number of ports offering shore-based power connectivity will increase in the near future and we are happy to support this change through investments in our fleet to make them compatible with this technology."