BLUE Insight Publishes Research on 'Tall Order' of Decarbonising Shipping

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 6, 2020

Marine energy consultancy BLUE Insight is set to publish new research on the challenges facing the shipping industry as it chooses new energy sources that will allow it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

BLUE Insight's 'Low Carbon Shipping Fuels & Energy Guide 2020', to be released next week, sets out for each alternative energy source the details of organisations that are driving the maritime energy transition.

The report will include chapters on ammonia, batteries, bio-LNG, biofuels, DME, fuel cells, nuclear power, hydrogen, methanol, synthetic crude and synthetic LNG, BLUE said in an emailed statement.

While the first of the International Maritime Organization's decarbonisation targets is less than ten years away, there is currently relatively little information available about what options shipowners will have, and whether they are likely to be viable over the coming decades, prompting some nervousness about what energy sources to look at when ordering new ships.

"It's a tall order," Adrian Tolson, director of BLUE Insight, said in the report's executive summary.

"The shift in the norms to which we are accustomed in shipping, and in the marine fuel markets, will be profound.

"This guide is the first attempt to categorise the players in this field, with a view to tracking them and their fuel or energy type over the coming years."

Details of how to order the guide are here: