Scrubbers Can be Adapted for Low-Level Carbon Capture 'Relatively Quickly': Yara

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday September 7, 2021

New scrubber designs incorporating low levels of carbon capture could be brought forward 'relatively quickly', according to Yara Marine.

Aleksander Askeland, chief sales officer at scrubber manufacturer Yara Marine, set out his view of the role the emissions-cleaning systems can play in decarbonisation in a webinar hosted by Riviera Maritime Media last week.

"It's difficult to see you will be able to do carbon capture on vessels without some sort of scrubber technology," Askeland said.

"And it's not necessarily about capturing 100% [of the carbon emitted].

"If you can do 20% or 30%, it's a massive impact, it can be done relatively quickly and it will keep vessels running for longer in compliance and meeting the targets."

Alfa Laval and TECO 2030 are both working on scrubber models that include carbon capture.

Scrubbers may also be needed for emissions abatement for ships running on methanol and ammonia, Askeland suggested.

"It's hard to see how you can avoid having good scrubber technology on your own vessel if you want to run some sort of combustion engine."