Mandatory Singapore MFMs Prompt "Many Enquiries" for the TR48 Accredited Technology at Other Ports

Wednesday November 30, 2016

With the use of mass flow meter (MFM) systems set to become mandatory for HFO bunkering in Singapore from January 1, 2017, maritime consultancy Metcore International (Metcore) says that, as a result, along with Lloyd's Register (LR) they have now received many enquiries for assistance on the installation and accreditation of the technology at ports outside of the city state.

"The stakeholders are beginning to appreciate the importance of the technical reference on MFM bunkering as it assures them of the system integrity and operation consistency," said Metcore director Darrick Pang.

The news comes on the heels of Metcore, who is understood to be the only consultancy currently specialising in MFMs, having assisted in the installation of the systems on ExxonMobil's MT Anshing and MT Anelly tankers in Hong Kong.

And as Ship & Bunker reported earlier this month, Metcore and LR were also involved in the rollout of MFM technology for Chemoil Middle East DMCC (Chemoil DMCC) in Fujairah.

At the time, Chemoil hailed the setting of "new standards" with the announcement that three of its barges in Fujairah had been fitted with Endress+Hauser (E+H) MFM systems accredited to Singapore's TR48 standard.

"The full accreditation process that Metcore guided the tankers through are not limited to ensuring tanker readiness in meeting system integrity and documentation requirements, getting the crew equipped with MFM competency and achieving Meter in – Meter out (MIMO) tests results within 0.2% was the main aim," said Metcore.

The independent accreditation of the five tankers "will set the precedence for other ports," the company added.

"As an RO (Recognised Organisation) Lloyd's Register is uniquely placed together with Metcore and A*STAR NMC in ensuring MFM system accreditation is carried out in line with best practices as outlined in TR 48 in other Ports apart from Singapore," said Douglas Raitt, Lloyd's Register Regional Consultancy Manager.


Writing to Ship & Bunker in September, Raitt has already argued the benefits of using TR 48 over standards, such as EU MID, and Metcore has also highlighted the benefits of using the Singapore standard in other ports. 

"The guidelines set out by Singapore Technical Reference TR48:2015 place emphasis on Traceability of measurement, System integrity and Metering Procedures. These comprehensively lead to the operation of MFM bunkering to be within the variance of the expanded uncertainty level of 0.5 percent. Fuel buyers enjoy the benefits of transparent and accurate bunker delivery receipts and fewer disputes," the consultancy said.

"In forthcoming years, with demand from fuel buyers driving uptake of MFM systems, the industry will see more independently accredited tankers in accordance to TR48:2015, in different ports around the world."

The TR48 standard for mass flow metering was officially launched by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) earlier this year.