COSCO Europe Reaches "New Heights" of Fuel Efficiency with Bunker-Saving Hull Coating: Jotun

Tuesday November 29, 2016

The Jotun Group (Jotun) today announced that the 10,062 TEU container ship COSCO Europe has reached "new heights of efficiency, cost control, and environmental performance," having reduced its bunker costs by $4.5 million and its C​O2 emissions by approximately 29,500 tonnes, compared to market average, in the four years since receiving the application of a Jotun Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) antifouling coating.

The vessel, which received the HPS application in October 2012, is said to have demonstrated a speed loss of 0.76 percent, compared against the market average of 5.9 percent for vessels treated with standard antifouling solutions.

"As we get more and more long-term data from the system, which is the first solution of its kind to measure performance in line with ISO 19030, we get the hard evidence to prove what we already knew – namely that HPS delivers the cleanest hulls, highest efficiency and best environmental performance on the market," said Alfie Ong, VP at Jotun Marine Coatings.

Ong notes that, since its release in 2011, HPS has been applied to more than 400 vessels around the world.

"More and more key global shipping players, such as COSCO Shipping Lines, are recognising the power of this proposition.

"They understand that an investment in HPS is 'low hanging fruit' when it comes to optimising hull performance and delivering long-term value for their vessels. We're delighted to be able to provide documented proof of such impressive savings for them."

Jotun says COSCO Shipping Lines intends to finalise further vessel agreements with the coatings company over the coming months.

"As a company we are committed to delivering optimal value for all our stakeholders and the best environmental performance for our fleet, which forms a key link in the global supply chain," said Hou Liping, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Lines.

"HPS has proven that it helps us meet these demands, enabling market leading hull performance and unlocking significant fuel and emissions savings."

Earlier this month, Jotun welcomed the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO's) publication of ISO 19030, which sets standards and methods for measuring hull and propeller performance, and defines performance indicators for hull and propeller maintenance, repair, and retrofit activities.