ISO 8217:2024 - Publication of New Bunker Fuel Specs With VLSFO and Biofuel Grades Is Imminent

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday May 16, 2024

Publication of the much awaited seventh edition of the ISO specification for marine fuel, ISO 8217:2024, is "imminent", according to a LR FOBAS bulletin sent to customers today.

The standard entered the final step before publication, known as the 'Under Publication' phase, on April 13th. ISO says these final production steps can take up to seven weeks, meaning the new spec should appear no later than the end of May.

ISO 8217 last had a new full version published in 2017. Since then the industry saw what was arguably its biggest change in history with the advent of IMO 2020 and the introduction of the global 0.50% sulfur cap.

The current version of ISO 8217 does not explicitly cover the new 0.50%S VLSFO fuels that have now overtaken HSFO as the world's most popular marine fuel product.

That all changes with ISO 8217:2024.

The new standard includes four new RM grades to cover 0.50% or 0.10% sulphur fuels.

There will be five RM grades to cover fuels above 0.50% sulphur.

With the use of biofuel bunkers on the rise, there will be five 'RF' biofuel grades covering unrestricted FAME content.

In a nod to recent bad bunker incidents such as that witnessed in Singapore during early 2022, bunker suppliers will now need ensure all fuel grades are free of organic chlorides.

"Lloyd's Register FOBAS has been heavily involved in guiding and contributing as a member of the ISO and CIMAC fuels working groups and for our position we would highly recommend adopting this new standard in all fuel purchasing/sourcing processes whenever possible," LR FOBAS said.

When ready the ISO 8217:2024 specificaiton will be published on the ISO website here: