Quadrise Tests BioMSAR Blend With Crude Sugar Oil in Engine

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday May 26, 2023

Emulsion fuels firm Quadrise has successfully tested a blend of its bioMSAR fuel with crude sugar oil (CSO) in an engine.

The firm produced stable bioMSAR blends containing 40% CSO  from biofuel company Vertoro, it said in an emailed statement on Friday. The company also tested blends with 18-20% CSO content in a diesel engine.

Quadrise uses its MSAR technology to emulsify bunker fuels with water, producing a fuel with lower emissions by mass. The firm's bioMSAR process works on a similar principle, but with bio-feedstocks added to deliver further GHG savings.

CSO is a cheaper alternative or supplement to glycerine in bioMSAR.

The firm saw 7% increased engine efficiency when using the blend, compared with conventional diesel, with a reduction of up to 16% in NOX emissions.