ClassNK Launches Service for Fuel Consumption Data Collection Plans

Thursday February 8, 2018

ClassNK Consulting Service Co., Ltd. (NKCS) has launched a support service for setting up a Data Collection Plan for fuel consumption under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Data Collection System (DCS).

"As DCP must include a description of data collection methods and management procedures geared towards conditions of the ship, a DCP is required for every ship," explained NKCS.

"Further, when a ship is being transferred to another owner, a DCP with the approved flag/class of the ship is necessary immediately upon delivery for ships being delivered on or after 1 March 2018, and by 31 December 2018 for ships delivered before March."

In May, NKCS announced that it had launched support service to help ship owners establish a monitoring plan for compliance with the European Union (EU) Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation.