Asahi Tanker Completes Biofuel Trial

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday May 17, 2024

Shipping firm Asahi Tanker has completed its first trial of a biofuel bunker blend.

The firm tried out 237 mt of a B24-VLSFO blend on its tanker theĀ Sunny OrionĀ for two weeks and encountered no problems with its engine, it said in a statement on its website. Marubeni Corporation supplied the fuel.

The fuel delivered about 15-20% savings in CO2 emissions versus conventional VLSFO.

"Through these initiatives, we will continue to work on various issues such as low-carbonization and decarbonization of the shipping industry and realize a sustainable shipping industry," the company said in the statement.

Demand for biofuel bunker blends is increasing as shipowners take them on as a drop-in replacement for conventional fuels with a lower carbon footprint, allowing them to reduce GHG emissions without investing in new ships capable of running on other alternative fuels.