PROMOTED: Why Bridge is the Right Tool for Today's Bunker Industry

by Bridge
Thursday May 16, 2024

We work in one of the oldest industries in the world, and despite the physical act of shipping in its truest form of getting people and stuff from A to B having not really changed since the Phoenicians first hauled sail, the technology that supports it continues to transform at pace.

But, as with virtually every industry, enthusiasm for change can be reserved and gradual.  Adoption happens when people comprehend and then trust the product or service being launched.  History is filled with examples of evolutionary-led scary inventions that are born from the same clear objectives:  to progress and improve.  IT advancement is the greatest evolver and scariest of them all - just look at Ai.

Digitalization is now sweeping the maritime sector, with digital solutions being used to enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness, as well as helping push the industry along the sustainability path.  In bunkering, there are many platforms coming online, largely around operational and process improvements, rather than focusing on the transaction and the parts that make up the deal, which Bridge has been specifically developed to do.

Partly because people inherently don't like changing habits, and partly due to a lack of understanding (and thereby a lack of trust), the real benefits of digitalization in bunkering can be missed.   However, in an increasingly regulated and accountable world, the advantages presented by digitalization are key and should be embraced, and none more so than in the buying and selling of fuels.

In the context of Bridge, this means not only does the buyer or supplier benefit from a more straight forward, faster and familiar way to engage, negotiate and fix, but also the deeper, more business-centric values, such as compliance, security, insurance and due diligence, afforded by the visibility, control and auditability that underpin the end-to-end transaction process, all on a single secure app.

Bridge is designed to unclutter and safeguard the bunker procurement process; it is not designed to replace the intrinsic human aspects that remain at the core of the industry.  It's an enabler and an enhancer, but ultimately, it is a business solution which should be aligned to broader strategies in a sector that is transitioning to new products and processes.

We are seeing the fruits of the launch of Bridge in the form of owners, buyers and suppliers signing up.  And as we expected, for all the reasons above, change requires an in-depth demonstration of tangible values from both an operational and a business perspective, as well as reassurance that it is about futureproofing the way we work.  We would love to talk to you about Bridge, so please do contact us at

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