Owner Signs up Four More Vessels for Bunker Saving Hull Coatings

Tuesday May 7, 2019

Bermudan tanker owner and operator Team Tankers International says it has committed four additional ships to receive Selektope's bunker saving hull coatings.

The decision follows a 40-month trial of an antifouling coating containing the technology on the 46,067DWT chemical and products carrier Team Calypso.

"This tanker owner is reaping the fuel saving benefits associated with a Selektope-powered antifouling coating," said Philip Chaabane, CEO I-Tech AB, the firm that developed Selektope.

"The independent data analysis coupled with the underwater hull inspection prove that Selektope delivers strong protection from hard fouling, whatever the vessel's activity or trading pattern."

With bunker costs set to jump next year as a result of IMO 2020, along with growing calls to reduce fuel consumption to reduce emissions, hull coatings are one of several bunker saving technologies seeing renewed industry interest.