Duo to Collaborate on New Net-Zero Waterway Transportation Vessels

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday August 23, 2022

Canada's Aspin Kemp & Associates Inc. (AKA) and Bermuda-based e-Link Commuting Co. Ltd (e-Link) have announced a collaboration to develop what they say will be a new class of waterway vessels powered entirely by sustainable energy.

e-Link has already developed its 'eLC' shuttle platform, a modular vessel platform using battery or hybrid power that can be altered to carrying passengers or lite cargo.

As part of their new collaboration, e-Link will focus on the technical aspects of the boat design and shuttle build/assembly, while AKA’s team will design the vessel’s power system and drivetrain propulsion as well as the addition of hydrogen fuel-cell technology to help extend the battery life of the e-Link shuttle platform.

“This environmental consciousness is a fundamental component to how we are designing the power system and propulsion systems for our eLC Shuttle platform ,” said e-Link Co-Founder Alan Burland.

“We recognize there will be ongoing innovations in battery technology, shore power recharging, and drivertrain technology requiring foresight and dedication which is why our collaboration with AKA and other strategic partners will lead to our success.”

As the marine shipping industry seeks to decarbonize its operations, smaller vessels with lower operating energy requirements, particularly those with shorter fixed routes such as passenger ferries, are seen as ideal early adopters of zero emission technologies such as batteries and fuel cells.

Indeed, last year Interferry CEO, Mike Corrigan, announced the entire sector is making a push towards electrification.