BUNKER PRICES: G20-VLSFO Index Drops for Eighth Session

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday February 24, 2023

Bunker fuel prices declined at most ports on Thursday, with global VLSFO prices dropping for an eighth consecutive session to the lowest level in almost six weeks.

Ship & Bunker's G20-VLSFO Index of prices across 20 leading bunkering ports lost $8.50/mt to $633/mt on Thursday, remaining at the lowest point since January 11. The G20-HSFO Index slipped by $5/mt to $451.50/mt, while the G20-MGO Index declined by $12.50/mt to $913/mt.

ICE Brent crude futures gained $1.61bl to $82.21/bl on Thursday.

VLSFO prices at the top ports had a negative trend. At Singapore prices fell by $16/mt to $588.50/mt, at Rotterdam they slipped by $6.50/mt to $556.50/mt, at Fujairah they dropped by $15/mt to $592.50/mt and at Houston they declined by $6.50/mt to $612.50/mt.

On Friday morning Brent futures were trading up by $0.95/bl at $83.16/bl as of 10:34 AM in London. In metric tonner terms that would amount to a $7.15/mt rise in bunker prices.