IMO2020: Fujitsu, Kongsberg says AI the Answer to Lower Bunker Bills

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 10, 2019

Fujitsu and Kongsberg have jointly developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered service to help reduce fuel consumption and meet emissions reduction targets.

The the new Vessel Fuel Optimization (VFO) is a web-based tool that requires no sensor or software installation on the vessel, and instead uses AIS and, eventually, input from ships' VDRs (Vessel Data Recorders) as inputs.

The system then uses AI to learn ship captains' strategies and ships' performances, and combines this with meteorological and hydrographic forecasts to recommend the best routes to maximize energy-efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Fujitsu says the new service is particularly relevant given the fuel price rise expected next year due to the upcoming IMO2020 rule, and the need to meet longer term goals to reduce vessel emissions.

The service is being offered as part of Kongsberg's Kognifai Services portfolio.