ClassNK Releases Alt Bunker Fuels Guidance

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday June 14, 2019

ClassNK has released guidelines for the use of various low-flashpoint alternative bunker fuels.

The class society joins the many industry stakeholders that believe in the coming years the likes of LNG, LPG, and methyl/ethyl alcohol will see wider adoption as marine fuels in response to tightening emissions regulations.

But the lower flashpoints of these fuels mean new safety considerations need to be made to ensure safe vessel operations, especially in cases of fuel leakage onboard the ship.

ClassNK says it has released Guidelines for Ships Using Low-Flashpoint Fuels (Methyl/Ethyl Alcohol / LPG) to help promote the design of alternatively fuelled ships.

“In addition to LNG, low-flashpoint fuels like Methyl/Ethyl Alcohol and LPG are providing ships with alternative fuel options that have diverse characteristics in terms of environmental performance, availability, price, and more,” says Hayato Suga, Corporate Officer and Director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division.

“Our latest guidelines have incorporated regulatory trends and our expertise proposes the appropriate requirements tailored to Methyl, Ethyl Alcohol, and LPG respectively. I hope they will be well utilized for the efficient design and construction practice of ships using those fuels”.