Gasum Supplies Tanker With LNG and Bio-LNG Off Gothenburg

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday June 17, 2022

Gas firm Gasum has made its first supply of LNG and bio-LNG to a new tanker off Gothenburg.

The firm bunkered Donsötank's new tanker the Prospero with LNG and bio-LNG off Gothenburg on Thursday, the company said in a LinkedIn post on Friday.

"The renewable and ISCC certified part was about 25% of the total volume," the company said in the statement.

"The smooth and safe bunker operation took place in fantastic weather conditions."

Bio- and synthetic LNG are likely to take over some share of the LNG bunker market in the coming years as shipowners with gas-powered tonnage seek to cut their carbon emissions. But this market has been slow to emerge, with little sign yet of supplies for the bunker industry being scaled up at speed.