Sponsor Content: Improve Your Business with This Special Software Solution for Bunkering

by Logic Vision
Thursday March 4, 2021

Logic Vision is the ERP software provider that supports business processes for companies in the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Manufacturing sectors. Founded in 1992, Logic Vision has supplied and implemented business software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. More than 2,500 satisfied users work with our software and services daily.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been the go-to flexible ERP solution for companies for 30 years. More than 160,000 different organizations in over 160 countries work with this powerfull software solution.

The Bunker Industry is dynamism at its best. Variable prices, fluctuating stocks and increased pressure on the margins mean that a clear overview of business processes is a must.

FuelVision 365

FuelVision 365: insightful, easy to use and has several adaptable features. You can simply build a complex pricing structure. FuelVision 365 meets strict legal and tax regulations. Excise registration is transparent, and easy to understand and to report. With nomination functionality, commission registration, credit checks and digital files, you can switch between different menus with ease while registering everything in an easy-to-use software solution. That saves time. Absolutely perfect for companies in the bunker industry.

FuelVision 365 contains the following elements:

  • Contract management
  • Purchasing & Sales
  • Back-to Back management
  • Inventory management
  • Excise management
  • Digital Files
  • Reports
  • Financials

The Future

The future is now and it is challenging. Is it a threat or an opportunity? Business software is evolving at a rapid pace. The integration between FuelVision 365 and other Microsoft business applications such as Office365, PowerBI and Azure intensifies every update.

Did you know there are many add-ons available that support your daily business processes?
We believe that the future offers many opportunities.

Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for business software in the sectors we serve. FuelVision 365  from Logic Vision is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is the choice for the future!

For more information please visit: https://www.logicvision.nl/en/business-software/fuelvision-365/bunkering