Another EU Port Bans Open-Loop Scrubbers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday January 22, 2019

The Port of Waterford in Southeast Ireland has put a ban on open-loop scrubbing in its waters.

The move comes amid a growing number global port states making the move, including the fellow Irish port of Dublin and bunkering heavyweights Singapore and Fujairah.

However, unlike Singapore and a number of other ports, Waterford’s ban is effective from the start of January 2019.

“This applies to all vessels berthed at any berth within the port’s jurisdiction and vessels on transit to and from any berth or anchorage. Upon entering port limits any vessel fitted with exhaust gas scrubbers, must run on a “closed loop system” for the duration of the port stay,” the port says.
“Currently there is no assessment of the long term environmental impacts of the use of exhaust gas scrubbers. However, given the potential for impact on ecosystems, it is the policy of The Port of Waterford Company that wash water from exhaust gas scrubber systems shall not be discharged to surface waters within the jurisdiction of the Port Company.”

Gard recently detailed restrictions on open-loop scrubbing in number of other nations including China, India, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, and the US.