Bunker Holding Plans Biofuels Expansion

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 14, 2022

Bunker Holding, the world's largest marine fuels firm by volume, is planning a significant expansion into biofuels.

The firm is hiring a head of biofuels who will be "building up a biofuel fuels business within Bunker Holding," it said on its website on Monday.

The company has not set out whether its expansion will involve a new brand within Bunker Holding, or helping its existing brands add biofuels to their product offering. But in the job advertisement for the new role, it said experience with building up a new business unit would be considered among other candidate specifications.

"Our new head of biofuels will be a key stakeholder in executing and driving various strategic initiatives in our journey towards a greener maritime industry," the company said.

"Bunker Holding wants to play a leading role in the energy transition towards sustainable and zero-emission fuels."

Biofuel blends are taking a growing share of the marine energy mix as a relatively uncomplicated drop-in replacement for conventional fuels with lower net GHG emissions. Both Rotterdam and Singapore now have significant quantities of biofuel blend sales.