VPS Helps Deliver 29% Bunker Saving for Platform Supply Vessel

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday January 9, 2023

Global testing and maritime data analytics firm VPS has helped to deliver a 29% saving in fuel consumption and emissions for a platform supply vessel.

The firm's vessel optimisation unit, VPS Decarbonisation, worked with Solstad Offshore to cut the fuel use of its ship the Normand Leader, Solstad said in a statement on its website on Friday.

On a recent voyage from Australia the vessel cut its fuel consumption and emissions by 29% as a result, compared to a normal transit, with 'only minor vessel speed alterations', the company said.

"The key to success was excellent seamanship plus data analytics," Solstad said in the statement.

"Historical data was used to determine optimal transit speed, and the crew used several measures to reduce fuel consumption, including optimization of trim and draft, autopilot settings, stopping unnecessary auxiliary equipment, and reducing the number of engines adequately to the sea conditions.

"Prior to commencing the transit, hull optimization was performed and making sure vessel drag was reduced to a minimum.

"To create crew engagement, we used the VPS software MARESS where users can define the transit goals and continuously follow the performance."