New Player Enters Florida Bunker Supply Market

Friday December 15, 2017

Tethys Supply and Marketing, LLC (Tethys) today has announced its entrance into the Florida bunker supply market.

The new operation is now supplying Emissions Control Area (ECA) compliant 0.10% sulfur Marine Distillates in the ports of Miami and Palm Beach, and will add Port Everglades to the portfolio in the near future.

The Commercial operations of the new business will be led by Russ Stellman.

Having been in the industry for some eight years with previous appointments at companies including Praxis Energy Agents and Cockett Marine Oil, Stellman says he aims to position Tethys as one of if not the most competitive offers in the market.

"We are not simply just delivering bunkers to the market. We want to re-shape the way vessels receive dockside bunkers," says Robert Finnegan, President and CEO, Tethys.

"Our equipment, Safety standard, and Professionalism is a much-anticipated shift in the truck to ship bunkering operations."

Founded in Chicago in 2013, The Tethys Group manages a portfolio of physical and financial trading partnerships in the energy sectors.

Contact details for the new operation are as follows:

Russ Stellman
Vice President of Marine Fuels
Tethys Supply and Marketing, LLC

Telephone: 312-846-6006
Cell: 773-766-8073