US Academic Heralds Benefits of IMO2020

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday January 22, 2019

An American marine technology academic has talked up the United States' leading role in the coming IMO2020 sulfur cap on bunker fuel.

US refineries and public health will both benefit while trade will grow, according to James Corbett, a professor at the University of Delaware who focuses on maritime technology, energy and innovation 

"The US can best manage its own interests by continuing to lead implementation of international agreements for cleaner ship fuels," Corbett wrote in US political publication the Hill.

"US refineries will supply expanding markets during the transition [to 0.5% sulfur bunker fuel], and energy economics ensures price effects will be temporary.

"Global trade with the US can grow, ships will deliver more goods and less pollution, and American workers will benefit from US energy dominance with this particular fuel."

The beneficial impact of the bunker fuel rule change for US interests, in particular, its refineries, has been highlighted by analysts.

The Vienna-based consultancy JBC Energy said last year that the United States is likely to emerge as a strong supplier of compliant fuels in the context of the International Maritime Organisation sulphur specification switch.