BUNKER JOBS: International Bunker Trading firm Looking to Open a New Office in Houston

by Maritime Recruitment Company Limited
Monday August 1, 2022

Maritime Recruitment Company Ltd is working with a fast growing international bunker trading firm who is looking for a Bunker Trader to help open a new office in Houston.

This really is a unique opportunity for someone who has 2-3 years' experience in their first role in this industry and now wants to make the jump to a position that can truly take their bunker trading career to the next level.

The successful applicant must be a fairly recent graduate, have an unsullied reputation for honesty and integrity and be unapologetically ambitious.

If you choose to apply, you should ideally be someone who has had a good start to their career, but now want more freedom, recognition, and reward.

Maybe you are tired of being way down in the pecking order when it comes to client allocation?

Perhaps you are micro managed and feel you do not need to be?

Do you lack the status you desire where you are?

Have you been overlooked for a promotion, a training course, or some other opportunity and you feel this is unjust?

Was your bonus not quite enough?

If so please get in touch.

It goes without saying that to get this job, you must be commercial, have sound negotiation skills as well as sales and account management ability in line with your experience.

Above all, you must be coachable. 

If you do like the sound of the above and think that you fit the bill, I can be contacted on:


I look forward to hearing from you.