Four Ships Arrested in Singapore

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday September 1, 2020

A rush of vessel arrests appear to have been carried out in Singapore at the end of last week, with four ships detained there since Thursday.

The clean products tankers Kirana Hasta and Kirana Santya and the Aframax tanker Kronviken were arrested on the evening of August 27, and the multi-purpose vessel HL Osaka was arrested on the afternoon of August 30, according to a list of ship detentions on the Singapore Supreme Court's website.

The two Kirana vessels, owned by Somerset Maritime, were arrested on behalf of HSBC, a Singapore legal source told Ship & Bunker Tuesday.

Maritime news website Tradewinds reported the arrests were related to cargo claims totalling $6 million.

The reasons behind the other two arrests are unclear, but are likely to do with disputes over the payment for goods and services.