Headway, DMD Report Milestones for China's First Domestically Produced Methanol Dual-Fuel Marine Main Engine

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 21, 2024

Dalian Marine Diesel Co., Ltd. (DMD) has reported the completion of major milestones for what it says will be the first methanol dual-fuel main engine made in China.

The engine recently completed testing in dual-fuel mode on a methanol dual-fuel test platform at DMD.

The methanol fuel supply system (LFSS) for the platform was provided by Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

“It is the first successful application of a domestically-made methanol fuel supply system solution,” Headway said in a emailed note to Ship & Bunker.

“The successful FAT of the project represents that Headway Oceanguard methanol fuel supply system has passed the online operation test of mainstream low-speed engines, and the performance and safety of each module can meet the requirements of large ship dual-fuel main engines.”

The test system includes modules such as the methanol fuel supply module, auxiliary heat exchange system, nitrogen system, and control and security system.

“The successful FAT of China's first methanol dual-fuel low-speed engine marks an important milestone in China's marine power equipment sector and signifies a solid step forward for Headway in the field of low-carbon shipping solutions,” Headway added.

“In the future, Headway will further deepen its win-win cooperation with DMD and global partners in the field of alternative marine fuels, providing reliable, stable, and efficient alternative energy power options for global ships, contributing to the decarbonization, emission reduction, and sustainable development of the global shipping industry.”