Pakistan LSMGO Specs Improved

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday January 7, 2021

Refiners in Pakistan have reduced the sulfur content of gasoil following a directive from the government.

"Before refinery production was at 500 ppm but is now upgraded to 10 ppm from January 1, 2021," Zishan Arshad, Director Bunkers at local physical supplier Orion Bunkers has told Ship & Bunker.

"This will completely eliminate flash point issues we previous had."

Arshad says Orion Bunkers has already secured a cargo of the new product available for supply that is based on ISO 8271:2010 specs.

The sulfur content shift follows June's decision to make the Euro 5 standard a minimum for imports of both gasoline and gasoil. While the gasoline rule came into effect from August, the rule for gasoil came into effect from January 1 due to an existing contract with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation for Euro IV product.

The Pakistan edition of Arab News on Tuesday reported Pakistan State Oil (PSO) had received a first 41,000 mt lower sulfur cargo from KPC on December 23, with the second cargo arriving Tuesday.