Tianjin Sees Increased Theft Risk, Including Bunkers

Friday December 2, 2016

Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. (Huatai Insurance) has issued a circular warning of an increased risk of theft, including bunkers, at China's port of Tianjin.

"The anchorage extends to 20 nautical miles from the entrance to the Port and as such, mobile phones may not have reception to report such incidents," explained the circular, which notes that a number of thefts have been reported over the past few months.

The suspected thieves are said to be unarmed individuals that utilise small vessels disguised as fishing boats to gain access to target vessels at night.

The China Coast Guard is said to have caught a number of such thieves in recent months, but authorities note that these arrests have not affected Tianjin port's security level.

"Thefts seem to be more rampant in winter times when it is relatively easy to approach the vessels due to high waves that may interfere with radar signal and fewer crewmembers are engaged in safety patrol on deck at night time," said Huatai Insurance.

"We suggest vessels which stay at the anchorage of Tianjin port implement additional security measures."

In February, Ship & Bunker reported that about 39 metric tonnes (mt) of low sulfur MGO was reported to have been stolen from the 176,346 DWT Nord Power while it was in the Tianjin outer anchorage on January 1.