Singapore: Additional Precautionary Regs for Service Providers

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday July 27, 2020

Marine service providers have additional rules to follow when dealing with vessels in Singapore.

The measures are described as "precautionary" by the southeast Asian port's authority, the MPA, and cover personal hygiene and interaction with crew.

Among the requirements detailed for service providers in the port circular (no 32 of 2020) are twice daily temperature checks, the wearing of protective equipment if the vessel has changed any of its crew in the past fourteen days, and the maintenance of a movements log of all persons for the purposes of contact tracing.

"Owners/managers/supervisors of marine services companies are to take note of all available health advisories and bring it to the attention of your company and employees. Companies wishing to implement additional preventive measures in line with their respective company policies  should  ensure  these  additional  measures comply with prevailing standards/procedures applicable in the Port of Singapore," the circular stated.

The changes are thought to have little impact on bunker companies, whose operations are already covered under the rules, a Singapore-based supplier told Ship & Bunker.

The southeast Asian city state has recorded just under 51,000 cases of Covid-19. Of the 469 new cases, the majority are among migrant workers living in dormitories, according to local news provider the Straits Times.