Ships Resume Berthing at Ningbo's Meishan Terminal After COVID-19 Scare

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday August 24, 2021

Some ships have resumed berthing at Ningbo's Meishan terminal after a single COVID-19 case caused the terminal to shut earlier this month.

The Meishan terminal was closed on August 11 after a worker there tested positive for COVID-19, prompting fears of a wider shutdown at the world's largest port that would add to the current disruption in global container markets. But ships have resumed berthing there, according to news agency Bloomberg.

At least five vessels have left the terminal in the past few days after berthing there, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. An official at the port said that container collection services were still halted, but some ships would be allowed to berth.

The terminal is expected to return to full operations in early September.