Port of Shenzhen to Adopt China ECA Regulation from October 1

Wednesday August 24, 2016

China's Port of Shenzhen is set to implement at-berth sulfur regulations from October 1, 2016, under an early adoption option in China's recently announced Emission Control Area (ECA) rules, local agency Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. (Huatai Insurance) has advised.

"According to the information we obtained, in Pearl River Delta ECA, only at Shenzhen port such requirement will be implemented in advance, namely, from 01st October 2016; whilst at other key ports within Pearl River Delta ECA, such requirement will still be implemented from 01st January 2017 as per original schedule of China MSA (Maritime Safety Administration)," explained Huatai Insurance.

Shenzhen joins Shanghai and several other core Yangtze River Delta ports in implementing the new rules earlier than the otherwise mandatory January 1, 2017, start date.  

As Ship & Bunker has previously reported, the ECA regulations will initially require ships at berth in affected ports to use fuel with a sulfur content of no more than 0.5 percent, except during the first hour after arrival and the last hour before departure.

Huatai Insurance further notes that Shenzhen port has ten berths equipped with shore power facilities to provide vessels utilising the berths with an alternative method of compliance.

"We will keep monitoring development and keep you informed once the formal notice has been issued by local authorities," stated Huatai Insurance.

In December, Ship & Bunker reported that vessels found to be in breach of China's new ECA rules will be fined between RMB10,000 and RMB100,000 ($1,550 to $15,500).