SIBCON: PSCs Proving Lenient on Marginal Sulfur Non-Compliance Cases: Rajah & Tann

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday October 5, 2020

Port state control authorities (PSCs) are largely showing flexibility when confronted with cases of marginal non-compliance with the 0.50% sulfur cap, according to Singapore-based law firm Rajah & Tann.

While the law does not set out details on how to handle cases where fuel is tested at just over the 0.50% limit, the authorities appear not to be pursuing these cases, V Bala, a partner for shipping and international trade at Rajah & Tann, said in a SIBCON webinar on legal issues Monday.

"Today I think if there's a very slight non-compliance .. practically speaking, what we have seen of how the authorities have reacted to very slight, 0.51% [cases], we have not seen any enforcement or prosecution, or demands that the vessel be debunkered," he said.

Max Lim, another partner at Rahah & Tann, will be speaking at the IBIA Annual Convention 2020 in November.

The global convention, being held online this year for the first time, will cover three days from November 3.

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