Dan-Bunkering Announces Outcome of European Merger

by Jack Jordan, Managing Editor, Ship & Bunker
Thursday February 2, 2023

Global hybrid marine fuels firm Dan-Bunkering has announced the two executives that will be running its newly-unified European operations after a merger of three separate units in the region.

The company announced in September that it would be arranging a 'commercial merger' of its three European units in Monaco, Copenhagen and Middelfart into a single operation, Dan-Bunkering Europe.

The firm posted job advertisements for a managing director and commercial director of the new European business.

Five months later, the firm has announced Hans Lind Dollerup will serve as managing director and Michel Dominique Thomsen as commercial director. Dollerup has already taken up his new role, remaining based in Monaco, and Thomsen will do so later this year, the firm said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

"We received an astonishing number of applications, and out of almost 150 applicants, 23 candidates who applied either for Managing Director or Commercial Director were selected for a first interview," Claus Bulch Klausen, CEO of Dan-Bunkering, said in the statement.

"Upon careful evaluation, we proceeded with an equal amount of internal as well as external candidates.

"Having all these qualified candidates was a privilege, and it is with great pleasure that we offered the positions to two long-term employees of ours."

Dollerup was previously managing director in Monaco. The most senior employees in the other two European offices, Copenhagen Sales Manager Nicolai Troen and Middelfart Sales Manager Kenni Goldenbeck, left the firm in January and October, respectively.

Thomsen, the new commercial director in Europe, was previously commercial director in Houston and Stamford.

"The structural change in Europe will be securing improved sharing of knowledge and resources across offices, enabling the company to cater even better for the challenges their customers are facing with new regulations, new fuels and carbon emission trading in the near future," Dan-Bunkering said in the statement.

The Dan-Bunkering reorganisation follows changes in management at other key Bunker Holding units last year.

The marine fuels conglomerate moved its key account management unit, Bunker One Global Accounts, to become part of KPI OceanConnect in September. Anders Grønborg was moved to become CEO of KPI OceanConnect, replacing Søren Høll, who became head of global operations at Bunker Holding.

Bunker One Global Accounts continues to be led by former IBIA Chairman Henrik Zederkof, who now reports to Grønborg as part of the KPI OceanConnect staff.

Michael Furze, previously global lead of Bunker One Global Accounts, stepped down in August.

Bunker Holding is in the process of implementing a new five-year strategy for the company and its units, including an aim of internal process optimisation. The company is the world's largest marine fuels firm, with annual sales volumes of about 30 million mt.

Further up the management chain at Bunker Holding's parent company, USTC, founder Torben Østergaard-Nielsen passed down the role of CEO to his daughter, Nina Østergaard Borris, in May, moving to become chairman of the company's board.

His other daughter, Mia Østergaard Rechnitzer, stepped into the firm's executive management as chief governance officer.

The previous board chairman, Klaus Nyborg, was moved to vice chairman of USTC, as well as taking over from Østergaard-Nielsen as chairman of Bunker Holding.