Shore Power, Charging Infrastructure Could Reduce Norway's Port Emissions by 12.5 Million Tonnes: Report

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday September 5, 2017

Cavotec SA (Cavotec) Monday announced that a new report shows that shore power and charging infrastructure could reduce CO2 emissions at Norwegian ports by as much as 12.5 million tonnes per year.

The report, which was pulled together by experts from ABB, DNV GL, the Port of Oslo, and Cavotec, was compiled under the ReCharge initiative, which is intended to drive Norway's ports toward zero emissions.

"The ReCharge project aims to guide the industry in overcoming technical and financial barriers, and support the wider adaptation of shore power and charging technologies," said Sofus Gedde Dahl, Cavotec’s Global System Specialist for E-Ferries.

Under the initiative, an assessment was conducted to identify where emissions in Norwegian ports are generated, the greatest potential for reductions, and what kind of charging and shore power infrastructure is required to mitigate emissions.

The process identified 64 vessels with an operational profile that would allow for the use of battery propulsion.

In order for those vessels to utilise shore power, charging infrastructure for 97 different routes would be required - presenting a possible reduction of 12,517 mt of CO2 emissions, and 14,133 kg of NOx emissions.

"Using the latest technologies, the initiative has developed a calculator for operators to assess costs and emissions reduction potential that enables a more targeted – and thereby effective – approach to implementing shore power and charging systems," explained Cavotec.

"With standards and optimised approaches in place, the ReCharge team hopes to accelerate progress towards zero emission ports in Norway."

As Ship & Bunker reported in 2015, Norwegian government ministers, coastal shipping industry players, and DNV GL signed onto Norway's Green Coastal Shipping programme - a declaration aimed at making Norway's coastal fleet the world's most environmentally friendly.