London: Cruise Emissions to be Tracked

Wednesday May 22, 2019

A system of fixed air pollution monitors has been put in place to record the effect of cruise ship emissions docked at Greenwich in the port of London in the UK.

The project should furnish the material facts of pollution from shipping in area, a statement from the London's port authority (PLA) said.

Speaking to Ship and Bunker, PLA spokesman Martin Garside that the data collection should be seen as a first stage in addressing air pollution from cruise ships.

"The authority wants to know what the actual impact is," he said.

Raw data from the monitoring stations would be publically available "fairly soon" with a detailed analysis to follow next year, he added.

A new development at Greenwich has been questioned by residents' groups over the environmental impact of an increase in shipping traffic.

In Sydney, Australia, a successful residents' campaign pushed the issue up the political agenda while in Europe, non-governmental organisations are keeping a close eye on shipping emissions in port as part of a push to get the Mediterranean region to become an emissions control area.