Pre-Test Supply Barge's Bunkers to Avoid Quality Issues: Eurocheck

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday March 24, 2021

Netherlands-based Eurocheck Marine has introduced a new bunker pre-sampling and testing service in the ARA region to help buyers avoid quality issues.

By sampling and testing bunker fuel from the supply barge prior to delivery, clients know in advance of any quality concerns before loading operations get underway.

"We have been proving Bunker Quantity and Quality inspections services for over 20 years. We cooperate with one of the major laboratories in Bunker Fuels Testing and all tests are carried out in accordance with the ISO specifications," Ron van den Berg, Eurocheck Marine's general manager, told Ship & Bunker.

"For the pre-testing service, the results are offered before the supply starts. This guarantees the quality of the fuel before it enters the vessel's storage tanks."

Eurocheck says it introduced the new service after various testing companies reported the occurrence of elevated sediment levels in fuels within the ARA region.

Several clients already using the service have focused their pre-testing on Total Sediment Potential (TSP) and metals.

For distillate fuels, flashpoint and cold parameters - pour point, cloud point and cold filter plugging point (CFPP) - are also important pre-testing parameters, Eurocheck notes.

"Buyers want to be on the safe side and like to avoid engine failure related issues and/or unwanted costs of delay due to a de-bunker operation," van den Berg added.

Eurocheck says the service has also proven popular with suppliers who keep the firm's operations team up-to-date with with their barge loading schedules, allowing sampling to be performed immediately at completion.

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