UK Calls for Global 2050 Net Zero Target for Shipping

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday September 13, 2021

The UK government has called for a global net zero GHG emissions deadline of 2050 to be set for the shipping industry.

UK transport minister Grant Shapps has called for the move at the start of London International Shipping Week, the Department for Transport said in an emailed statement on Monday.

"I'm incredibly excited by the changes happening in this sector, with the speed of progress highlighted by the prospect of zero emission commercial vessels in UK waters in the next few years and green Channel crossings within a decade," Shapps said in the statement.

The ministry has not suggested how the target should be achieved, beyond saying it should be imposed at the International Maritime Organization.

One step the UK could take towards supporting the goal would be to introduce its own versions of the regulations the European Union has proposed for the shipping industry this year, including launching emissions trading for shipping.