Renewable Ammonia for Ships Focus of Energy Firms' MoU

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 21, 2023

Hydrogen-focused energy firm Hy2gen and ammonia technology specialist Amogy are to work together on renewable ammonia for ships.

Under a memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies, they said that they will "pool resources to advance the use of renewable ammonia as a maritime fuel", according to a statement on Amogy's website.

Hy2gen is a Norwegian subsidiary of its German-based parent and Amogy is based in Stravanger on Norway's northwest coast.

The agreement will concentrate on shipping on the Norwegian coastline.

As a partner in the Iverson eFuels project in Sauda, Hy2gen is working to secure renewable ammonia to the maritime fleet along the Norwegian coast.

"The strong infrastructure of harbors along the Northern Sea allows Hy2gen Norge to focus on the maritime sector as clients and as a means of transport to other markets, mainly in Europe," the statement said.

Amogy's aims is to produce the technology to enable ships to use ammonia as bunker fuel.

"The technology will soon be scaled to 1 megawatt ready for use in a tugboat... to demonstrate the readiness of the technology, prior to the commercialization of the ammonia-to-power solution for the global maritime market," it said.