Shetland Fuel Project has LSFO Spin-off

Thursday January 24, 2019

A project to tackle at fuel poverty on the islands off the west of Scotland will also produce low sulfur fuel for ships.

The project, called Northern Lights, will develop a small-scale oil terminal to provide fuel to remote islands at prices competitive with fuel prices on the mainland.

As a spin off, low sulfur fuel oil, in line with the International Maritime Organisation's 0.5% global cap on sulfur in bunker fuel, will be made available to shipping.

The company behind the scheme is Evolve Trading and Investment (ETI).

"There are all these ships in and around the island that will have to use low sulphur fuel," ETI's founder, George Irvine, was quoted as saying by Energy Voice.

"We have the passing market – the offshore vessels and cruise ships." .

According to Irvine, the technology used in the plant has export potential as it can be used "wherever commerical shipping is prevalent".

A location for the plant has yet to be decided. Work is expected to start two years ahead.