Stena ups the Ante on Emissions Reduction

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday April 8, 2021

Ferry operator Stena Line has set an emissions reduction target for 2030.

The shipping company is looking to cut emissions by 30% over the period.

The head of the company, Niclas Martensson, called the target "ambitious".

Among the measures being taken by the company are a fossil-free addition to its fleet, Stena Elektra, using artifical intelligence to monitor fuel use across its fleet of ships and looking closely at alternative fuels.

"The main drivers behind the reduction of emission in 2020 are that we have introduced three new vessels which are up to 30 per cent more energy-efficient vessels on the Irish Sea," said Erik Lewenhaupt, group head of sustainability at the company as quoted by shipping publication Cruise and Ferry.

"We have also introduced renewable shore electricity during port calls in Kiel and five more ships in the fleet have been equipped with the Stena Fuel Pilot to support our captains in operating the vessels in the most energy-efficient way," the executive said.

The shipping industry's environmental goals are under scrutiny.  

According to the International Maritime Organistaion, the sector must reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2050 from a baseline of 2008.

Increasing efficiency is seen by firms as a practicable way of achieving lower emissions since it can also save on costs.