EU Shipping Emissions Back to Pre-pandemic Level

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday September 19, 2023

Carbon dioxide emissions from shipping operating in the European Union have outstripped what they were before the global pandemic.

Using EU data, green lobby group T&E has put European shipping emissions in 2022 at 135.5 million metric tonnes a year. In 2019, EU shipping pollution stood at 133.7 million mt, according to the data.

T&E shipping manager Jacob Armstrong said the time was right for "stricter regulation" otherwise "shipping companies will continue to spurn investment in efficiency and green fuels".

Cargo ships emitted the greatest amount of CO2 with well-known shipping names listed as the biggest polluters.

Increased shipments of liquified natural gas in the wake of the war between Russia and the Ukraine have also been a contributing factor, the data showed.