LNG Bunker Infrastructure Gets a Boost in Northern Norway

Monday August 28, 2017

Bergen-based CRYO Shipping AS (CRYO Shipping) today announced a new LNG infrastructure solution for northern Norway it hopes will benefit ships using LNG bunkers as well as other users of the fuel.

The company says logistic costs have been a barrier to the rapid implementation of LNG in industry and shipping, and the new service aims to reduce those costs.

"Distribution of LNG in the northernmost counties in Norway, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, is carried out solely by land transport, ie. the delivery of small unit volumes with road tanker and tank container, which entails expensive logistics with heavy loads on roads, environment and increased risks of road traffic safety," the company said.

CRYO Shipping says it will "solve" these challenges by establishing short-sea shipping services for the transport of LNG in Northern Norway, and has been been awarded EUR 1 million in grants to establish the LNG trade lane.

"We have been working for a long time in establishing market-oriented and competitive infrastructure and logistics solutions based on seaborne transport. Currently we are working to commercialize a unique concept that can supply LNG to land-based industry as well as bunkering ships in an efficient and cheaper way compared to today's existing solutions", said CRYO Shipping's Managing Director, Nicholai H. Olsen.

"We have many interesting global projects that we will realize, but we are incredibly pleased and proud to be the first company to offer LNG supply and bunkering by ship in northern Norway."