IBIA CONVENTION: IBIA Unveils Newly Established Middle East Regional Board

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday November 8, 2023

IBIA has announced the establishment of a new regional board for the Middle East region.

The IBIA Middle East Regional Board held their first meeting on Tuesday prior to the opening reception of the IBIA Annual Convention 2023 in Dubai.

"In alignment with our goal of fostering regional engagement, this new board follows the creation of regional boards in Asia, Africa, and the Americas," IBIA explained.

Colin Holloway, Global Head – Technical at Cockett Marine, has been named as the Chair of the IBIA Middle East Regional Board.

"The bunkering industry is undergoing significant transformations, especially with the ongoing energy transition," Holloway commented.

"IBIA continues to be at the forefront of these pivotal discussions, realising the significance of both global and regional perspectives. The Middle East Regional Board is committed to elucidating these challenges for our local members and ensuring their perspectives are integrated into the larger dialogue."

Joining Holloway on the board is Sean Burgin, Glander International Bunkering; Gaurav Dwivedi, GPS Bunkers, Pablo Sanso, Minerva Bunkering; Chris Turner, Integr8 Fuels; Angus Littleford, TFG Marine; and Capt Vikram Mohan, Viking Shipping Services Group of Companies.

All members of the IBIA Middle East Regional Board will be in attendance this week at the IBIA Annual Convention 2023 in Dubai.