Biogas Ferry Planned for Denmark

Thursday October 10, 2013

A new ferry scheduled for delivery to the Danish island municipality of Samsø in the fall of 2014 will be capable of running on biogas, energy business news site SeeNews reports.

The ferry, SamsoFaergen, will also be able to burn liquefied natural gas (LNG), and will use that fuel initially until biogas production can begin on the island.

The vessel is being built by Poland's Remontowa Shipbuilding at a price of DKK 200 million ($36.3 million) and will feature dual-fuel engine technology from Wärtsilä Corporation.

SamsoFaergen, which will operate between Samsø and the Danish Jutland peninsula, replacing an existing vessel, will be able to transport 160 cars and 600 passengers.

Samsø plans to be entirely free of fossil fuels by 2030 and has already become carbon-neutral, using a network of wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass burners that produces more energy than the island uses, according to travel guide